About the SBA

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Student Bar Association of the Georgia State University College of Law is to serve the student body by acting as an advocate of all academic concerns, a promoter of student life, and as an objectives coordinator of all those peripheral functions that are integral to the achievement of academic excellence.


The aim of the SBA Board is to act as a liaison between the administration and faculty and students to keep the law school running smoothly. Additionally, the Board is the voice of the students that brings problems, grievances, or suggestions to the attention of the faculty and administration. The Board is also responsible for improving the quality of education and enjoyment while at Georgia State University College of Law.As the umbrella organization for the smaller student organizations, the Board allocates funding to the various student organizations and sponsors events, such as the Barrister's Ball, the annual Georgia Law School softball tournament, and Law Week.


To ensure a student government based upon the will of the student body.

To provide a forum for and encourage the free expression of ideas concerning the educational, social, ethical, and cultural aspects of student life.

To provide for association among students, faculty, and administration.

To promote a close affiliation between students and members of the legal profession.

To ensure that all students of the College of Law have equal access to the activities of the SBA.


Upon enrolling with the Georgia State University College of Law, every students becomes a member of the Student Bar Association (SBA). All SBA meetings are open to the student body and input and involvement are welcome.


The SBA is represented by a group of elected and appointed students who comprise the SBA Board. The Board consists of the executive officers and members from all three classes, part-time and full-time.

Honor Court

Additionally students elect an honor court to assist in resolving honor code violations and constitutional interpretation.