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John Travis Marshall

Articles and Other Contributions to Law Reviews and Scholarly Journals

John Travis Marshall & Ryan Max Rowberry, Urban Wreckage and Resiliency: Articulating a Practical Framework for Preserving, Reconstructing, and Building Cities, 50 Idaho L. Rev. 49 (2014). | Westlaw

Raymond H. Brescia, Elizabeth A. Kelly, & John Travis Marshall, Crisis Management: Principles That Should Guide the Disposition of Federally Owned, Foreclosed Properties, 45 Ind. L. Rev. 305 (2012). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw | SSRN

John T. Marshall, Florida's Downtowns: The Key to Smart Growth, Urban Revitalization, and Green Space Preservation, 29 Fordham Urb. L.J. 1509 (2002). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw

John T. Marshall, Note, The Property Rights Movement and Historic Preservation in Florida: The Impact of the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Protection Act, 8 U. Fla. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 283 (1997). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw

John T. Marshall, Rebuilding the American City: Bonds of Friendship as Bricks and Mortar, 1 Planning F. 55 (1995) (reprinted in The Inner City: A Handbook for Renwal 7 (Roger L. Kemp, ed. 2001). | www