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Erin Fuse Brown

Articles and Other Contributions to Law Reviews and Scholarly Journals

Erin C. Fuse Brown, Irrational Hospital Pricing, 14 Hous. J. Health L. & Pol'y 11 (2014). | Westlaw | SSRN

Erin C. Fuse Brown, Developing a Durable Right to Health Care, 14 Minn. J. L. Sci. & Tech. 439 (2013). | LexisNexis | Westlaw | www | SSRN

Kimberly D. Goodwin, et al., Protecting Adolescents' Right to Seek Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Without Parental Consent: The Arizona Experience with Senate Bill 1309, 127 Pub. Health Rep. 253 (2012).

James G. Hodge & Erin Fuse Brown, Assessing Liability for Health Care Entities that Insufficiently Prepare for Catastrophic Emergencies, 306 J. Am. Med. Ass'n 308 (2011).

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James G. Hodge, Jr., et al., Expedited Partner Therapy for Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Assessing the Legal Environment, 98 Am. J. Pub. Health 238 (2008). | www

James G. Hodge, Jr. & Erin C. Fuse Brown, Exchanging Genetic Data for Public Health Practice and Human Subjects Research: Implications for Health Practitioners, 2 Personalized Med. 259 (2005).

James G. Hodge, Jr., Erin Fuse Brown, & Jessica P. O'Connell, The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Bioterrorism Planning, Prevention, and Response, 2 Biosecurity & Bioterrorism 73 (2004).

Articles and Other Contributions to Non-Academic Publications

Erin C. Fuse Brown & Jalayne J. Arias, Brusewitz v. Wyeth's Impact on the Vaccine Safety Debate, ABA Health eSource, Apr. 2011. | www