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Emily Suski


Emily Suski & Angela A. Ciolfi, Education Law and Advocacy (2d ed., Legal Aid Justice Ctr. 2007).

Book Chapters / Collected Works

Angela Ciolfi & Emily Suski, Basic Education Law, in Juvenile Law & Practice in Virginia (4th ed., Andrew K. Block & Angela Ciolfi eds., 2009) (updated 2013).

Articles and Other Contributions to Law Reviews and Scholarly Journals

Emily F. Suski, Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: The Failure of the Courts to Recognize Students' Severe Emotional Harm as Unconstitutional, 62 Clev. St. L. Rev. 125 (2014).

Alistair E. Newbern & Emily F. Suski, Translating the Values of Clinical Pedagogy Across Generations, 20 Clin. L. Rev. 181 (2013). | Westlaw

Emily Suski, Actually, We Are Leaving Children Behind: How Changes to Title I Under the No Child Left Behind Act Have Helped Relieve Public Schools of the Responsibility for Taking Care of Disadvantaged Students' Needs, 14 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol'y 255 (2007). | Hein | Westlaw

Emily F. Suski, Student Scholarship, In One Place, But Not Another: When the Law Encourages Breastfeeding in Public While Simultaneously Discouraging It at Work, 12 UCLA Women's L.J. 109 (2001). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Articles and Other Contributions to Non-Academic Publications

Emily Suski, Op-Ed, Proposal Would Erode Family-School Partnership, Create Uneven Playing Field, Bristol Herald Courier (Bristol, Va.), Mar. 2, 2008, at A9.