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Tanya Monique Washington

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Tanya Monique Washington, Family Law: The Legal Ordering of Intimate Relations, in Overview of U.S. Law (Ellen S. Podgor & John F. Cooper eds., LexisNexis, 2009). | Call No. KF385.P58 2009

Articles and Other Contributions to Law Reviews and Scholarly Journals

Tanya Washington, Catherine Smith, & Susannah Pollvogt, Amicus Brief in United States v. Windsor by Scholars for the Recognition of Children's Constitutional Rights, 17 J. Gender Race & Just. 467 (2014). | Westlaw

Tanya M. Washington, Once Born, Twice Orphaned: Children's Constitutional Case Against Same-Sex Adoption Bans, 2013 Utah L. Rev. 1003 (2013) (also published at 15 J.L. & Fam. Stud. 19 (2013)). | Westlaw

Tanya Washington, Reflections on a Great Dissenter, 72 Md. L. Rev. 1141 (2013). | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Tanya Washington, What About the Children? Child-Centered Challenges to Same-Sex Marriage Bans, 12 Whittier J. Child & Fam. Advoc. 1 (2012). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Tanya Washington, Suffer Not the Little Children: Prioritizing Children's Rights in Constitutional Challenges to "Same-Sex Adoption Bans", 39 Cap. U. L. Rev. 231 (2011). | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Derek Alphran, Tanya Washington, & Vincent Eagan, Yes We Can, Pass the Bar. University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law Bar Passage Initiatives and Bar Pass Rates - From the Titanic to the Queen Mary, 14 U.D.C. L. Rev. 9 (2011). | Westlaw

Tanya Monique Washington, All Things Being Equal: The Promise of Affirmative Efforts to Eradicate Color-Coded Inequality in the United States and Brazil, 21 Nat'l Black L.J. 1 (2009). | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Tanya M. Washington, Comparative Racialization: From Subjugation to Resistance and Remedy, 21 Nat'l Black L.J. 1 (2009). | www

Tanya M Washington, Throwing Black Babies Out with the Bathwater: A Child-Centered Challenge to Same-Sex Adoption Bans, 6 Hastins Race & Poverty L.J. 1 (2009). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw | SSRN

Andrea A. Curcio, Gregory Todd Jones & Tanya M. Washington, Does Practice Make Perfect? An Empirical Examination of the Impact of Practice Essays on Essay Exam Performance, 35 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. 217 (2008). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw | SSRN

Andrea A. Curcio, Gregory Todd Jones, & Tanya M. Washington, Developing an Empirical Model to Test Whether Required Writing Exercises or Other Changes in Large-Section Law Class Teaching Methodologies Result in Improved Exam Performance, 57 J. Legal Educ. 195 (2007). | Westlaw

Tanya Washington, Loving Grutter: Recognizing Race in Transracial Adoptions, 16 Geo. Mason U. Civ. Rts. L.J. 1 (2005). | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Tanya Washington, The Diversity Dichotomy: The Supreme Court’s Reticence to Give Race a Capital “R”, 72 U. Cin. L. Rev. 977 (2003-2004). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Howard S. Chasanow, et al., In Memoriam: John M. Brumbaugh, 61 Md. L. Rev. 1 (2002). | Hein | Westlaw

Electronic Publications

Tanya Washington, If the Supreme Court Listens to Millenials, Same Sex Marriage Will Become Legal, Policymic (Mar. 26, 2013), available at | www

Tanya M. Washington, We Are Mad About the Wrong Thing, Huffington Post (Jan. 27, 2012), available at | www