College of Law

Faculty Publications

This online bibliography includes books, articles, book chapters, expert testimony, work product, and electronic publications that have been written, edited, or co-authored by the Georgia State University Law Faculty. Links are provided to the full text of the publications, where available, on Westlaw, LexisNexis, Hein Online, SSRN, and free on the internet. Faculty publications can be viewed by faculty member, year of publication or publication type.

Former Faculty:

Adams, Nancy (1990-2006)
Adelman, Elizabeth G. (2001-2006)
Bross, James L. (1982-2013)
Carey, George J. (1983-2008)
Crawford, Colin (2003-2010)
Davis, Michael T. (2007-2010)
Emanuel, Anne S. (1986-2012)
Girth, Marjorie L. (1992-2009)
Gregory, William A. (1983-2009)
Griffith, Janice C. (1996-2008)
Hartfield, Bernadette (1984-2012)
Johnson, Nancy P. (1982-2013)
Kadish, Mark J. (1990-2008)
Knowles, Marjorie F. (1986-2011)
Marvin, Charles A. (1985-2012)
Podgor, Ellen S. (1991-2006)
Prigge, Bill (2003 - 2011)
Shepard, Shawn (2008-2012)
Wheeler, Ronald E. (2006-2010)
Williams, Colleen (2004-2006)

Date ranges following a faculty member's name reflects their tenure at Georgia State University College of Law