Saturday, July 8, 2000
9:30 am -1:30 pm
Pace University Midtown Center
Sponsored by the Clinical Legal Education Association


Adele Bernhard (Pace University-NY): Chair: Indigent Defense Organization Oversight Committee.
Clark D. Cunningham (Washington University-St. Louis): Co-Director, Effective Lawyer-Client Communication Project.
Paul Tremblay (Boston College): Co-author, new edition of Lawyers as Counselors.

9:30: Welcome (with coffee and pastries).
10:00 Panel presentation
11:00 Open discussion
12:30 Self-selected small groups (lunch provided).

ADELE BERNHARD, Associate Professor, Pace University School of Law. Professor Bernhard directs a criminal defense clinic and chairs the court-appointed Indigent Defense Organization Oversight Committee for Manhattan and the Bronx. She is a former staff lawyer with New York's Legal Aid Society Criminal Defense Division in the Bronx and spent several years as director of training for the New York City Assigned Counsel Plan.

CLARK D. CUNNINGHAM. Professor of Law and Israel Treiman Research Fellow, Washington University, St. Louis. After working as a legal services attorney in Detroit, in 1986 he was awarded an Indo-American Fellow to do research at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, comparing public interest litigation in the U.S. and India. In 1987 he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan Law School, teaching in its general clinic. He moved to Washington University in 1989 where he has directed both the Urban Law Clinic and the Criminal Justice Clinic. His publications include articles in the Yale Law Journal, Harvard Law Review, Cornell Law Review and Michigan Law Review on attorney-client communications, law and linguistics, and public interest practice. He is the co-director of the Effective Lawyer Client Communication Project, an international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

PAUL R. TREMBLAY, Clinical Professor, Boston College Law School Professor Tremblay teaches Professional Responsibility and is a supervisor at the Legal Assistance Bureau, where he teaches in the Civil Litigation Clinic and the Homelessness Litigation Clinic. Prior to joining the Boston College Law School faculty he served as a staff attorney and senior attorney at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. He has written several articles about ethics and law practice, is Chair of the Boston Bar Association Ethics Committee and co-chairs the Committee on Ethics and Professionalism, AALS Section on Clinical Education. His article, "The New Casuistry," recently appeared in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics; another, "'Acting a Very Moral Kind of God': Triage Among Poor Clients," appeared in Fordham Law Review in 1999.

1. Cunningham, Measuring Effective Communication as a Benchmark for Quality Legal Services

2. Bernhard, "Private Bar Monitors Public Defense," 13 Criminal Justice (ABA Section on Criminal Justice) 25 (1998). Not available on web site.

3. Tremblay, Revising "Lawyers as Counselors"

4. Materials for small groups.
-Comparative materials on teaching lawyer-client communication (not available on web site)
Sherr, Client Care for Lawyers (U.K) (Introduction and Table of Contents)
Lauchland & Le Brun, Legal Interviewing (Australia) (Introduction and Table of Contents)
Chay & Smith, Legal Interviewing in Practice (Australia) (Introduction and Table of Contents)

-Guides to audiovisual materials available at workshop
The Shooting of Big Man (excerpts)
Cunningham, "What is Their Story?" Using Steven Spielberg's Amistad to Improve Lawyer-Client Communication
The 1999 International Client Counseling Competition (final round)