The Site Co-ordinator should fill out the Lawyer Section of the Code Sheet using the names of all lawyers expected to participate in the project. Each Lawyer should only receive one code to be used for every interview conducted by that person.

Prior to the commencement of every interview, the Site Co-ordinator should

--add the client's name to the Code Sheet
--select a random number and assign that number as the Client code on the Code Sheet.
-- fill in the Case and Lawyer codes on both the Client and Lawyer Surveys
--give the Lawyer the surveys and two labeled envelopes

At end of interview collect sealed envelopes from both client and lawyer. Keep sealed until office decides whether to take case--then give both envelopes to designated supervising attorney.


At the conclusion of the interview give the client the survey form and the pre-addressed envelope. Explain the purpose of the survey (see attached Explanation Sheet). Make sure to mention:

-that someone is available to help them fill out the form if they like (if yes, contact the administrative secretary)
-that no one will look at the survey until after the office has decided whether to represent the client
-that you (the ) will not see the survey unless the client checks off the box at the bottom (point it out)
-that there is space on the back for additional comments
-that the survey should be put in the envelope when done, sealed, and then given to the administrative secretary on the way out.

Leave the interview room and give the client time to fill out the form privately. At the same time, fill out your Assessment of Client Interview form, put in your envelope and give to the administrative secretary.